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Let's Be Friends

Do you wish you had a friend you could run to for advice when your stew chicken recipe goes wrong? 

Well what if I told you, you could ask Fran?

My Friend Fran is all about building your confidence in the kitchen. I'll be your personal guide, helping  you become the chef you've always wanted to be. I'll share recipes , tips, and tricks that will take your cooking to the next level. 

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How Can Fran Help?

Do you often feel daunted by the thought of cooking?

Or are you ready to give up on frozen pizza and takeaways? My Friend Fran will teach you how to create delicious recipes you'll love. From quick and easy dishes you can make during the week to advise on how subtle changes to your ingredients can transform your favorite dish. 


My personalized cooking sessions will build your confidence in the kitchen and allow you to start enjoying your cooking. 

"Cooking brings so much joy and happiness. There is just something about a homecooked meal that a takeaway can never compete with." 

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Michael and Kimatra

Working with Fran is so fun and easy. We often end our sessions with tons of knowledge and a desire for more. 

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