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Hi! I'm Fran

Hi, I'm Fran  
A huge foodie with a passion for all things cooking.  
Growing up, the kitchen was the heart of the home. I would watch my mum cook up a storm every day, creating vibrant dishes rich in flavor. Her love for cooking inspired me. I love being in the kitchen, experimenting with new dishes from vegan recipes to low carb options, right down to creating keto-friendly sweet treats.  
In today's world, ordering a takeaway is just a click away. The ability to get food on-demand has left most of us lacking the basic skills needed to cook simple dishes. I started My Friend Fran as a helpful, easy-to-follow guide to help you learn (and fall in love) with the art of cooking. I'll teach you everything you need to know, from the fundamentals to methodology, right down to preparing wholesome meals you'll love - leaving takeaways to be a distant memory.  

"Cooking brings so much joy and happiness. There is just something about a homecooked meal that a takeaway can never compete with." 


There is so much you can do with food. I'll let you in on a secret: the key to enjoying cooking is to have fun and explore new things, embrace different cultures, spices, and diets.  
My Friend Fran will help you discover quick and easy ways to turn basic meals into delicious gourmet dishes you can enjoy on a daily basis.  

"There is no right way to cook anything; that's what makes it so fun. Playing around with ingredients and styles means no one dish will ever taste the same." 

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Hi! I'm Fran


My Favorite Things

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As you've guessed, cooking is a significant part of my life. Each weekend, my husband and I indulge in new cuisines. We love vegan nights, Ethiopian-inspired dishes, one pots, and even a spot of baking every now and again. 

Most cooks love cooking and shy away from cleaning. I enjoy doing both, a clean house really helps to clear the mind.  

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Rio Beach Promenade

Beach! Beach! Beach! is what soothes me.

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